Owner's Blog 8/5/16

In September it will have been 1 years since the opening of our Laser Tag attraction and it has been everything we'd hoped it would be. It looks great, it has been well-received by kids and adults, and it has added a great dimension to Lake Wylie Bowl N' Bounce. It is hard to even remember what it was like before we had it. In a similar fashion, this September will bring us to another improvement project...our arcade. While we have had good success with our current game lineup, we are going to be moving from a retro game feel to a modern redemption center with all new games, a new redemption center, and a card reader system to better manage the customer experience and redemption benefits. We will also be able to feature arcade play in to our already popular combos and birthday parties. You will start to see the change take place after Labor Day and it will be complete before the month is over, all with minimal disruption to our business.

We look forward to seeing you here.


Owner's Blog 12/14/15

America has a health problem. We have heard this for years with the litany of statistics showing how we lead the world in several health conditions, primarily due to a lack of exercise and poor eating habits. It takes a change in lifestyle to make improvements and by no means does Lake Wylie Bowl N' Bounce claim to have the cure. However, we are doing what we can to allow those who do come here the opportunity to get the blood flowing and make smarter menu choices if they so desire. If you play a game of Laser Tag, 12 minutes of active arena time will get your heart pumping and maybe even get you to break a sweat. Buy our 2 game discount and 24 minutes will for sure do it. For those with children who have been in our bounce area you already know how much energy they use. On the menu side, we offer a variety of salads as well as items such as grilled chicken. The newest additions to our kitchen are two Quik N Crispty greaseless fryers, which cook all of our fried foods with no oil and 40% less fat. While no one is going to confuse chicken wings or fries with the health of a garden salad, you can at least consume these tasty items with less calories and fat.

We look forward to seeing you at Lake Wylie Bowl N' Bounce. Whether you want to relax with food and a drink or get active in our attractions, we'll be ready for you.


Owner's Blog 10/27/15

Welcome! If you are reading this blog it means you have found your way to our new website at Lake Wylie Bowl N' Bounce. We hope you find it a more user-friendly way to learn about what we offer and a more convenient way to communicate with us. And if you have been here in person since September you've noticed it's not just our website that has changed. We have doubled our arcade size to enhance the gaming experience. We have added a brand new scoring and control system for our bowling lanes and a new POS system for operations. Of course, the biggest change is the addition of our new laser tag arena which has already proven to be a tremendous hit with guests of all ages.

At the end of the day we strive to be a reflection of the communities around Lake Wylie. As this region continues to grow in dynamic ways, we too will continue to invest in and improve our business so it can be the premier location for entertainment in Lake Wylie, Clover, Southwest Charlotte and other nearby areas we call home.

Thank you for visiting us online. We hope to see you here in person soon.